Oil boiler service:
Oil combi boiler service:
Aga service:
Rayburn service from:
Stanley cooker service:
Superstar single burner
K series twin burner
Esse cooker service from
Efel Harmony stove service:
Breakdown charges.
Time on site charged at:
£17.00 per 1/4 hr

Prices are for labour only and VAT is not applicable.

All replacement parts will be charged for at our retail price. All original parts remain your property, and will be left with you for disposal.
This means you see what parts have been replaced and can be confident that there are no anomalies, rather than seeing your old parts loaded into a van and wondering where they'll end up.

In certain circumstances parts are removed and disposed of by us, such as oil filters where it would be impractical to leave contaminated parts for the customer.
In this circumstance the packaging (if applicable) will be left. Any warranty replacement parts are retained by us for return to the relevant supplier.