In May 2018 the new GDPR law came into effect. This gives me some cause for concern, and here's why.

I'm required by the Inland Revenue to keep records of my daily work for tax purposes. I've looked and I can see no way around this (Well, actually, I can see no
legal way around this), so it's something which just has to be done.

I'm also required to comply with the GDPR and inform all my customers that I keep their details, and I have to ask their specific permission.

I'm also required by law to delete customer details if they ask me to, which would mean I fall foul of the first point I made (ref. the Inland Revenue).

So, I keep your details specifically for tax and Inland Revenue purposes only. I don't sell your details, I don't allow some shady "Analytics company in Cambridge" to analyse your data and use it to influence elections in some far away land, and I don't even use it to inform willing customers of their yearly boiler service anniversary (despite being asked if this would be possible).

So, any answers to my predicament will be accepted written on the rear of any legal tender paper (or plastic) notes, sent to my address.

Thanks for your understanding.