Festive Season Working Hours etc.

Over the next few weeks it's the busy season for heating engineers unfortunately.
This means we have to prioretise our time and services, and we will be covering as much as possible based on these criteria.

Existing regular customers will be supported first if they have a genuine emergency.

Elderly or disabled etc. with a genuine emergency will be the second priority.

Existing customers who require non urgent work will be attended to as soon as possible.

New or non regular customers: Please accept that there's a queue in front of you, and you'll be attended to as and when it becomes possible.

Finally, people who ring again and again and don't leave a message are not doing themselves any favours really. While working in someones property the rule is that the phone will not be answered, after all, the customer who's paying the bill doesn't want to see his money being spent on someone answering his phone. If it were you, I'm sure you'd appreciate this, wouldn't you?

So, please leave a short message explaining your problem, your name, location, and above all please start your message by leaving your phone number. Having to listen to a 5 minute message to hear the number at the end (and then missing the last couple of digits for example) is frustrating.

Thanks for your understanding.

Based in Brompton on Swale, near Richmond, North Yorks. and established for 13 years, Viking Heating is a family business specialising in oil heating servicing and breakdowns.
We cover the surrounding area, servicing and repairing oil burning heating equipment such as domestic boilers, Range cookers of all types (inc. Aga's), room heaters, etc.

Although established for 13 years we have many more years experience in the oil heating field having worked with and alongside fuel delivery companies in the area, and also for other heating contractors.

A wide range of spares are always in stock and boiler breakdowns can usually be dealt with onsite rather than having to order parts.

All boiler services are backed up by a flue gas analysis using digital analyser (where applicable), giving readings for Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, excess air, flue gas temperature, and calculated efficiency.