Recently the industry has started to increase the use of Bio Fuel in fuel oils (including kerosene), and as such we have had to address this issue.
Most oil burners have components and parts which are made of rubber (oil seals, hoses, etc.) and these components are being degraded by the new formulation of fuel.

As such, all boiler services carried out will require new flexible hoses fitting which are Bio Fuel compatible.

The older hoses will be changed at service (or on call out if necessary) to the new hoses. The ones we're supplying are more expensive unfortunately but have a much longer service life and are coloured green to signify bio compatibility. Also, each hose will be fitted with a dated reminder with the recommended change interval noted.

The new hoses have a three year life expectancy whereas the older hoses were recommended to be changed every year,
so although the initial cost is higher, the savings over the three years offsets this.

Thankyou for your understanding.