Updated 20/01/2021.
Corona Virus statement.

With the current state of affairs being what they are, I've decided to address the issue and have formulated a plan of action for the coming weeks / months. As follows...

I'll be working just the same as usual, but only for emergency breakdowns and faults.

Where possible, invoices will be via email and payment by bank transfer, so there's no possibility of passing on the virus with paper invoicing or cash / cheque payment.

I was going to buy and use hand sanitiser, but the freaky fuckwits have gone and bought it all,
so instead I shall not be shaking hands.

As you were people, end of days it is not!

Based in Brompton on Swale, near Richmond, North Yorks. and established for 16 years, Viking Heating is a family business specialising in oil heating servicing and breakdowns.
We cover the surrounding area, servicing and repairing oil burning heating equipment such as domestic boilers, Range cookers of all types (inc. Aga's), room heaters, etc.

Although established for 16 years we have many more years experience in the oil heating field having worked with and alongside fuel delivery companies in the area, and also for other heating contractors.

A wide range of spares are always in stock and boiler breakdowns can usually be dealt with onsite rather than having to order parts.

All boiler services are backed up by a flue gas analysis using digital analyser (where applicable), giving readings for Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, excess air, flue gas temperature, and calculated efficiency.